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Protect your company's most valuable assets. It makes good business sense to assist your employees in managing and maintaining their personal health. Quit for Life can help make a happy, healthy workforce. Not to mention a more productive, innovative and efficient team.

Workplace Wellness Programmes

  • Short workshops and seminars tailored to your organisations needs
  • Workplace Group Programmes for 2-12 participants tailored to your organisations needs
  • Individual programmes for your staff

Quit for Life Workplace Programmes can be customised to your companies needs. On-site individual therapy can also be provided.

Recent clients include: BNZ, ING, Southern Cross Healthcare, Datacom, L'Oreal, First Assist.

Smokefree Policy Consultancy

We have 6 years experience in introducing smokefree policies into large orgnisations.

We also offer Smokefree Policy Consultancy to organisations. A smokefree workplace environment can support staff who want to quit but also reduces the unpleasant image your staff present by smoking in front of your offices or buildings. Not to mention ensuring staff are working and not outside smoking,

For more information on our workplace programmes and consultancy and how it can benefit your business you can contact Quit for Life by clicking here.

"The programme was good as I could talk to people at work who were going through the same thing. It meant I had a sense of group loyalty and integrity."
Tom, 39. Quit for Life Workplace Programme member

"I LOVE being a non-smoker, I love having the control back in my life and best of all I am no longer part of the 'smokers line-up' at the back of office building because I CHOOSE to be."
Amanda, 37, Call Centre Team Leader and Quit for Life Workplace Programme member



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